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It's Hard To Understand

It's hard to understand, but the warmth I feel when I'm near him is unreal.

His kisses gentle but forceful tells me he has missed me as I have him.

But the Love we have for one another must be kept a secret, between us to be.

The Love we have shared since our childhood still lingers within our hearts still.

I sit and wait for him to return home from his workday, even though, I can't kiss him, as I'd like or want to when he'd walk through the door.

Our eyes would meet, in silence as he passed me by, sometimes with a smile, or a wink of an eye.

In what time, we can share, a private moment every now and then, in the night, after others fall asleep, will have to be enough to get us through until the next time for us to be together.

Even though it's hard to separate when the time comes, we know what has to be, will be, no matter what we do, our hearts are entwined together forevermore.

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

Date First Written: June 24, 2013

Date of Revamp: Oct. 13, 2017

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