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Original Poem's, I Revamped For Book

It's Hard To Understand

It's hard to understand, but the warmth I feel when near is unreal.

His kisses gentle but forceful tell's me he has missed me, as I have him.
But our love for one another has to be in secret.
The love we have shared since childhood still lingers within.
I sit and wait for him to return home from his workday, even though I can't kiss him as I want.
But our eyes meet in silence as I welcome him home from a hard day's work.
Our eyes still connect in a quick glance the slightest smile to one another and maybe a quick wink of an eye.
In what time we can share a private moment every now and then, will have to be enough to get us through, until next time we see each other again.
Even though it hard to separate, when the time comes, we know will be no matter what we do our hearts are still entwined with one another, since childhood.

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey
Date First Written: June 24, 2013

Near The Man I, Once Loved

I'm near the man I have always loved since childhood days.
It's been great to be near him once again.
I know I should not care about him as I do, I just do.
He's always been special to me.
I only wish, I knew for sure, if he cared about me as I do for him.
All I know he can't keep his eyes off me.
But yet he has kissed, me several times since.

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey
Date First Written: June 20, 2013

Keep Hoping To See You

I haven't written here in a while, never seems like I have much time anymore.
But I think about you all the time.
Keep hoping to see your wonderful face and dark eyes look at me as you smile your crooked smile.
And your eyes start to shine each and every day we would meet.
Then you'd take me into your strong arms hugging me endlessly, then you'd kiss my lips hard and strong, but yet gentle.
You'd smile at me once again and quietly whisper, God I've missed you, woman.
Then we'd stand quietly in each other's arms just for a while.
I'd feel so safe and warm within your arms wrapped around me.
The love I feel when with you, is like a dream, sometimes I'm never sure if you Love me as much as I Love You.
But it seems, when we're together, it doesn't matter.
We don't get to see each other much any more, and all I want to do is spend what time we get together, it's so meaningful.
Sometimes I wonder how we've survived in all the year we've loved each other, and being so far apart as we are.
Maybe it's the phones we use just to keep in touch, talking to one another, and texting as often as we do.
I miss you so much when we're apart it hurts.
But your life there is as important as mine is here.
But our hearts are always connected, in some way or another.
Keep hoping to see you again.
I'm so lonely for you and your loving arms, and the warmth I feel cuddled in your arms.
I miss your kisses my dear, and your wonderful smelling men's cologne you wear every once in a while when together.
I love to see you dressed in your uniform you wear to work.
You look so grand in it my darling.
I keep hoping to see you again.
I love you, please never forget how much I Love You no, matter what my sweet.

written by: Cindy L. Rasey
Date First Written: April 10, 2013

My Heart Grows Lonely

My heart grows lonely each and every day, of memories long gone.
I miss his crooked smile and gentle kiss upon my forehead.
Though he's passed away to another world of happiness and joy, from pain and suffering he once knew upon this earth we live.
My heart grows lonely each and every day he's gone, but the happiness I know he has up in the blue sky up yonder, his domain.
He walks in flowering meadows of grain beside still water lay.
Birds crickets cheap their sweet melody above.
Written By: Cindy L. Rasey
Date First Written: March 12, 2013

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