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My Last Revamped Poem- Letter To Share

I Still Miss You Daddy

I miss you, daddy, now that you passed away, and I still miss you every day.

I miss your smile and your laughter. Mom still has all her memories setting on the enclosed fireplace mantel.
Even though the fireplace doesn't work any longer.
It's still a grand tribute to you and her, and the years you shared as husband and wife.
Even though this house isn't where you and mom spent most of your lives together, the memories still linger within these walls.
I come every day now to care for mommy a few hours a day seven days a week.
The memories here still haunt me.
You were a great father, even though you were stricken on us all, especially me because I was the baby of the family and a girl at that.
I Rember many a time you would take my brothers to the woodshed and belt them a time or two when they were bad at church or misbehaved.
B I don't remember a time you ever took me there if I misbehaved, you only used your big open hand on my bottom when I was bad.
But the tenderness you showed when I was good made it all better for a while was so much more to a young child as I was.
Your Love and caring for us were unbelievable.
Your Love would always outshine the bad no matter how hard you were on us as children.
You taught us how to respect each and every person we'd meet along life's highway.
Even though they were rude or unkind, we still had to show some respect no matter what the cost.
Your love always got us through no matter what was put in front of us, good, bad, or indifferent.
Your love and faith in God always seemed to be your fortress and power to get through the hard times of life highway.
I try to visit your grave as often as I can.
Tears still flow every now and then, no matter how hard I try to hide them.
But my heart starts to ache sometimes when I look at the fireplace mantel of all your memories that still linger within these walls where mom lives now.
Her love for you is still strong within her heart, she speaks of you often and the memories she holds so dearly.
It's getting harder for her to keep going some days, but I know you wouldn't want her to give up yet, it's not quite time for her to join you up in heaven.
I still feel there is a reason for her to go on.
But then maybe, I'm afraid of losing her before I'm ready.
I miss you so much daddy it hurts sometimes.
Though I know you are in a better place, away from suffering and pain.
But my heart and soul still miss you no matter how hard I try to go on.
I can only imagine how mommy feels every now and then.
The memories still linger within these walls upon the fireplace mantel where mommy now lives...

Written By: Cindy L, Rasey
Date First Written: March 28, 2013

My Mother passed away in 2015 after this Revamped poem was written...

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