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My Heart Grows Lonely times three

My heart grows lonely each and every day, of memories long gone.

I miss Dad's, crooked smile, and gentle kiss upon my forehead be.

All though they've passed away to another world of happiness and joy, from pain and suffering, They all, once knew, upon this earth be.

My heart grows lonely each and every day they're gone, but the happiness, I know they have in yonder blue skies, is their domine of happiness and joy.

Dad, Mom, and Husband now, walk together, among flowers and meadows to see.

Birds and Crickets Cheap, sweet melodies above, as they lay beside the still waters to see.

Waves of grain, move to and fro, in gentle breeze blow, besides still waters lay.

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

Date Witten: Oct. 11, 2017

The above poem was written in memory of my mother and father after their deaths a few years ago.

Dad passed in 2011
Mom Passed in 2015
My Husband passed in 2016

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