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Our Hearts Entwined Together Endlessly

We pass along lakes and shores in darkness bliss be.

Lights shine on waters near banks and rocky shores to see.

Reflection on waters deep reminds me of a winter night eve, of long ago, in time and space of someone I loved dearly.

We took a walk in a nearby park not far from his home on a wintery night eve, hand in hand we walked over snow-covered fields and meadows be across a bridge near.

Moonlight shine across the newly fallen snow, glisten like diamonds and pearls be, stopped for a moment in time, he'd kiss me long and strong.

He slips his arms around me as we walk along a pathway that once was clear.

We walk behind tall snow-covered pines, holding and hugging me as we walk in silence be, our hearts beating as one.

Stopping for a moment in time, near-frozen stream be, high above night skies be, a full moon to see, glistening across frozen stream be, more beautiful than before in darkness bliss be, The Beauty so unreal.

He kissed me once again, and whispered words,
I'd thought I'd never heard from his quivering lips before, I Love You and always have, my love for you shall never die, rather near or far, my heart will always be yours endlessly.

Another kiss upon my lips in winter's night eve, our hearts shall always be entwined forevermore.

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

Date Written: March 12, 2013

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