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You Break My Heart

You Brake my heart into pieces when you close me out each time I call or text you be.

You break my heart even when you call me, as long as you get what you want or need.

I mean nothing to you except when it benefits you and you only for some reason or another.

You have no feelings or regards, for me or how I feel anymore.

You just break my heart every time
I hear your voice, over the airwaves be, when you even call.

You break my heart into pieces every time you call.

You push me away, every time, I get close rather I'm near or far be. Unless it benefits you and only you.

You have no regard for how much I Love You or even care.

Is that really all I am to you, a puppet-on-a-string, that is how I feel when around you be.

You break my heart many times be.

I don't know why I stay true to you.

You break my heart, every day, I don't hear from you.

You break my heart, into, a million pieces no matter what you see, or hear from me.

You just throw me away, when you're through and expect me to come running at your bidding call.

You break my heart no matter what it may be.

You break my heart endlessly.

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

Date Written: March 14, 2013

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