Collections for the lover that broke my he[art]

By n. le All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Romance

part ix.

"personal rendition of 'theme for English b' by Langston Hughes"

My instructor said,

Go home and write

A page tonight.

And let that page come out of you-

Then, it will be true.

Is this the way I should feel?

I am you, impressionable, and invalidated.

I lived here then there, leaving pieces

Of who I am in the people and places I went.

Today I will go to a classroom, walk down the worn-out stairs,

Through crowded corridors and past faces without names.

I will walk into a room full of potential friends, lovers, and enemies,

I will sit down, and I will write this page:

It’s not easy being so empty,

At fifteen, my age. The clock has not run out but

I find myself out of pieces to leave behind.

Soon I will become the things around me. I will become

Textbooks, assignments, and tests. They will consume me.

I want to be able to sleep, write, and fall in love.

I want to admire the way the leaves fall and candles burn,

I want to love music- Indie, Alt., Rap, and Rock- but

I will do nothing more than be a number.

A test score, a due date, a GPA.

I will be defined by a class rank instead of

A personality. Will my score on a test reflect

Who I am or who I will be?

Will my net worth mean more to my lover

Than my self-worth?

I will ask those questions,

Demand their answers, but

I won’t accept their truths, because

When I run out of questions

What will I become?

What will I want to become?

When there is nothing left

For me to question, to long to understand

That will be the end.

So in this classroom, I will sit, for

This is my page for AP Lit.

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