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By Ugo Nwoke All Rights Reserved ©


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Life verily is sweet

Though on earth of sweat

When one`s year happily rolls

Life in the year happily unfolds

Life undoubtedly is dear

More so to him who holds it dear

When one marks its beginning

It turns as if it`s just beginning

Happy birthday is only wished life

Happy birthday is a mark of added life

So let life in living be wise to live

And happy birthday more will be echoed

Farewell you bid to the past

Onward for more future birthday

For years in one`s life do not—

Matter but life in the year does

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you.


Happy birthday to you, o Lillibet
Thou blessed mum and queen of England
Your joy at ninety oh Queen
Us around from fetters of sadness doth liberate

Your harmless journey oh mum
From a day old to ninety now
Epitomes the mighty hands of life giver
Who but on His palm you trek

Your prime days were rare unique
When oh Queen you flied high
To put the world on divine track
And your London doth the effort greatly blessed

Your aging days are equally rare unique
Where in world your elderly words
Doth troubles wipe or clear.
Oh more powerful than balm of Gilead

Happy birthday to you, o Lillibet
Happy birthday oh Queen at ninety
As Divine light still your days brightens
May we by your stay still greatness tap

Happy birthday to you Queen of England
Happy birthday to you Queen of our world.

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