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I know you've seen them Why didn't u say anything? Were you afraid? I needed u to noticed I needed u to tell me it's okay and comfort me But u didn't. Why? Itś Anas sophomore year at Eastwood high and she keeps a journal and writes so she wouldn't be tempted to fall back into her old habits. Follow Ana through her journey of second loves, heartbreaks, and friendships. I'm sure most of you can relate too.

Poetry / Romance
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Letting Go

(Present Time)
The day you let me go,
Was the day I floated on fall leaves
And waited as rain sogged up the branches,
Everything in slow motion,
Even the trees danced to this new rhythm
They felt bad for me,
So their roots plucked me off their leaves,
And let me free
The day you disappeared,
Was the day I saw comets in the sky,
I think it was you,
Trying to warn me that I was fading,
Little did you know,
I wanted to fade
And forget every melody in my head
So it didn't faze me,
Not even when the sun burnt my skin
And imprinted your name in my head
I was okay with blending into oblivion

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