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when my brain spews out words, sometimes they happen to be beautiful

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the word friendship

this tiny thing is dedicated to all of my friends who’ve ever helped me, made me laugh, smile, cry, anything. may your bud turn to a rose.

the word friendship

the word friendship is not only a word

it is a sense of security

it is a bitter thing

a happy thing

your friendship happens to be the best

from when i’m all sad and grumpy

or at my best

you’re there

how i came to be so lucky

to witness a bud grow

into a rose

i don’t know

how i came to be so lucky

to witness the first sunrise

the first sunset

i don’t know

how i came to be so lucky

to witness the first full moon

the first twinkle of the stars

i don’t know

how i came to be so lucky

to witness being your friend

to laugh with you

i don’t know

out of the things i’ve been so lucky to witness

your friendship is the best

how i came to be so lucky for your friendship

i’ll never know

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