My Dream Traveler

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This poem is about dreams, love, friendship. Enjoy!

Poetry / Romance
Misty Cantrell
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Chapter 1

My Dream Traveler

My Dream Traveler comes to me only through my dreams.

Tis a mystery of how we become to be.

He is sweet, strong, caring and handsome too.

He holds out his hand and I look into his deep hazel green eyes.

Somehow, I know I can trust him.

His luscious laughter I can hear.

But friends is all we will ever be.

Because we are both happily married to spouses that we love and cherish.

He helps me in this dream world; guides and teaches me things.

We at times have discover new places and possibilities.

Deep inside, I want to meet this special person that holds a piece in my heart.

Maybe it’s because I want rid of this unreal feeling that keeps me capture.

It holds me bend to where my capability is limited.

Or it could just be a simple meet.

Either way this task must be put on hold.

For I have work to do and focusing is the key.

It’s true that my dream traveler, and myself have different lifestyles that keeps us busy.

That is, until we both visit the wonderful dreamworld, where we once can go on adventures.

Seeing him, time seems like it ceases just for us.

And like friends do, we again explore the unknown.

So, until our next visit my dream traveler; I’ll be here, waiting patiently.

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