The moon's creatures

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Love is the reason I am sad all the time. Poetry and shiz of mine I'm proud enough to share **Trigger warning** meanings of wanting to die, - suicide - Anxiety - Death - Sadness (note - most of these I made from my own personal feelings so it may be a bit dark) Photo by Evgeni Evgeniev on Unsplash

Poetry / Fantasy
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A sweet girl born into a strange unknown world.

Sweet girl has lost all her sweetness now, all that's left is quite now.

A quiet girl now.

Quite girl soon loses her voice, or at least her energy to speak.

She is silent.

A silent girl now.

Too- too sick to stomach the sound of her own voice now-girl.

Was such a. sweet. quiet girl.

Now just. a. silent girl.

Silent girl is sad now.

Silent girl has learned a new way to cry now.

but still.

Silent girl is now just a-

Sad girl...

Sad girl becomes a mad girl.

Mad girl doesn't mean just angry.

She was such a sweet, quiet girl, Now she's a silent- sad- m a d girl.

isn't that right girl.

Girl is gone now.

Dead girl is not really dead.

dead girl is just not girl anymore.

What happened to you, sweet, sweet.

G i r l ?

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