When The Dragons Came

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A collection of poetry around the theme of pain and painful memories. Poetry can express many things. This collection is a collection of poems about difficult times, abuse, post traumatic stress, difficult memories and the hardness of life. I find these poems do not depress but express an experience we all share and give testament to the resiliency of the human spirit.

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When the Dragons Came


Are they mythical creatures or extinct?"

That is what you ask me.

I stand here in front of you

Tears streaming down my face,

Occasionally gasping for air,

Occasionally remembering to breathe,

Heart pounding

Impossible to focus my thoughts,

But a moment ago when I had breath,

A moment of clarity,

Enough to spit out a phrase,

That phrase was

“Hic Sundt Dragons”

Here be Monsters.

I was trying to explain PTSD.

What it felt like

The sudden reaction to a trigger,

Surrounded by monsters

Is my description,

Real or imagined,

External or internal,

Right now I am

In uncharted territory

Surrounded by unknown monsters

Despite a trigger of familiar

And monsters too well known.

I am begging for understanding

From you, calm and dispassionate,

The one who pulled the trigger,

Knowing or unknowing,

Because i want you to be the slayer

And not the dragon itself.

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