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Break Up

A true understanding of me will never come to you.

The sadness within me grows

As I begin to know

That the dreams we thought we held so true

Aren’t even the same.

Your belief that you love me is evident,

But though together we strain

We are causing each other only pain.

Concentrative efforts futilely spent.

What good is placing blame?

I don’t share enough of my heart or soul?

The thing that you can’t comprehend

Is whether I am a lover, playmate, or friend

I find myself restricted by that role.

We are just names to each other.

Constructs of the mind.

What I want of you I choose.

The rest I gladly lose.

I love the outline of a man I designed.

We are tamed

By a society that seems to train

That we all deserve a romance;

To be pierc’d with Cupid’s lance

After desire leaves, true love is what remains

Only for us the latter never came.

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