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An Actor's Lips

You lick them again distractedly

Trying to keep them wet- Fighting off the forces.

Wind, dry air, sun chap your lips;

Lips folks pay to see,

Lips bigger than most,

Softer, sweeter they say

Those who have kissed…

Kissed your lips

Like your tongue does now

Caressing gently

Slowly over bottom lip

Quickly against the top

In and out

Your tongue against your lips

In and out

Your tongue against your lips

Slowly on the bottom

Quickly on the top

Your tongue against your lips.

You look at me-

Your eyes quizzical

“Something wrong?”

You are studying your lines.

I am the gofer on set.

My job to do your bidding

Take care of creature comforts

I offer you Chapstick

To protect your lips.

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