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Perfect Body and A Dramatic Air

Three micro brews and a shot of Jack after our fight,

I think of you.

I wish you had a perfect body and, I, a dramatic air.

If we did, than the dysfunction that is Us

Would somehow make a little more sense.

We would be the beautiful, interesting people.

Dysfunction would seem fitting of our elevated status.

Alas, you are not displaying any rock hard abs.

I tend to be matter of fact and practical.

For those reasons and only for those reasons,

“Us” doesn’t make sense, doesn’t fit, doesn’t work.

Our couples therapist can talk about “conflict resolution”

She can drone on on on about how to listen to each other.

Still, now, with a slight buzz and watching reality television,

I wish you had a perfect body and, I, a dramatic air.

That would solve everything.

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