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The Handsome Stranger

The Handsome Stranger ( in a Emily Dickinson style )

I chanced to meet a stranger once

Who took me by surprise

With Gentleman politeness

and startling hazel eyes.

He chose, not I, to do no harm

To lead me not astray.

He merely added a bit of charm

To an otherwise dull day.

I watch the rose he gave me wilting

While my friend tell tales of ill

They say he’s done to other women.

I tell them to be still.

But yet the tales on my thoughts intrude

To discolor the memory of time given.

I wonder why the side so crude

From he he kept well hidden.

Other damsels met, were disgraced

Received by his actions much abuse.

Yet with me he only showed some grace

To a lonely, young recluse.

Why me? I would have been with ease

A conquest I think to be proud,

But he did no more than gently tease,

Although his desire did speak quite loud.

If I told you the handsome stranger’s name

You would tell me of his illustrious fame,

But with me a for moment he spent some time

Without attempting any crime

But inspiring some rhyme.

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