Valley Of Insanity

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Poems that contain suicide, death, self-harm, and eating disorders. Warning: It may be triggering. Valley (noun): 1. any depression or hollow resembling a valley. 2. a low point or interval in any process, representation, or situation. 3. any place, period, or situation that is filled with fear, gloom, or foreboding.

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Dying Dandelions
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Of Dark Serenities And Euphoric Ecstasies

My withering brain stays awake during the night hours

Wandering restlessly through numerous dream lands,

It chooses never to retire from its lonely saunter

And instead, to roam away from sleep’s tender touch

Pushing sleep’s angels away with its demonic powers,

It locks the entry to a vast sea of dark serenity

A desolate, empty district for rejected souls

An isolated portal to the only shoulder to cry on

A department to drench my dull melancholy in the bottomless, black, blues,

Dark Serenity, is a place I’d love to drown in

It’s death’s gates hanging wide open with allowance

It calls me, luring me with luscious promises of peace

And a translucent feeling of vacant nonexistence,

It is the smooth tranquility that my spirit longs for

It’s misty, frosty, solitary, and void of any other beings

It is a permanent passageway to the other side,

Far from humans and their daily tormenting beatings,

I wouldn’t need to paste smiles with lotions

Like a horse that fakes its strength to its master,

I would finally be able to end the quest and implosions

The quest that is, my incessant hunt for deranged irony;

The physical pain that kills my secret, screaming emotions,

Nor would I need deranged irony to sooth my psychotic insanity

As insanity grows like yeast in every passing second

And since death’s gentle grip is full of the wasp’s fatality

It’s touch will eliminate these destructive seconds,

I will no longer be a ludicrous human

As my drained body would have left tragically,

But wait, I am no human

I am a fairy

And fairies aren’t naturally accepted

By the human’s senseless society,

No wonder I haven’t been warmly welcomed,

It’s because I’m a fairy

I’m strange, deceptive, yet kind & friendly

My heart’s too sweet and soft like candy floss

That’s why it’s easily eaten by the mortal’s belly,

It’s because I’m a fairy

And so I trick to avoid any sour attention

I stay quite, hiding my moonstruck identity from the monsters around me

As it’s easier to keep sullied secrets than trust others with apprehension,

It’s because I’m a fairy

So I find it difficult to speak to creatures carrying a tine

Even if on the inside I’m begging for help

I’ll only assure you that I’m perfectly fine,

And because I’m a fairy

I know that the most courteous of individuals

Would ever embrace my hollow lunacy

I just wish they’d arrive before I’m in profound ruins,

And since I’m a fairy

I’m unpredictable and untrustworthy

But I only lie to protect my crystal wings by being leery

To keep myself alive and evade them being shattered

By the ignorance of beasts who love destroying beauty,

But because I’m a fairy

I will continue to flutter through the tangled ocean storms,

And even if they crush my vigorous wings

I’ll hold on tight to that rope of hope

No matter how slippery or sharp it is,

And as a fairy,

I know that a shore of euphoric ecstasy

Awaits me across the deep sea of dark serenity,

As euphoria is closer every time lightning electrocutes you,

You’re beautiful, only because you’re brimming with flaws

So don’t ever let dark serenity

Stop you from reaching a euphoric ecstasy.

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