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Love doesn't just start in a day, the true and pure version of it takes time to grow. Can two children grow up together without loving each other? Maria is a perfection on her own. From here to the moon and back, sing it to her hears. To Maria, I remember.

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Chapter 1

I remember when we were younger;

Innocent, random and just ordinary playmates,

I remember how I once tried to bully you,

Till tomorrow, I don’t how she got to know,

She didn’t hesitate to scare the hell out of me,

Hmmm! Mummies, like a lioness she watched o’er her own,

God bless her and all her kind.

A boy and a girl, growing side by side,

Cruising happily through life and her tides,

From afar, what I always saw was a sister,

The kind my mom ne’er gave to me,

When she is happy; she has cute eyes, lovely smile and a graceful face,

When sad or indifferent; her eyes are always red, and she loves to keep quiet.

This baby girl is now an adult,

With all the features of a potential mother,

If I say she is flawless,

I hope my pen won’t be committing a blunder,

If any reader cares to know,

She is now first of many numbers.

On this special day,

I pray your face be filled with perfect smiles;

Of joy, peace and hope of better days,

Ahead beyond the miles,

And the shining prospect of the latter rays.

In the midst of all these going,

I hope you don’t think I’m joking,

About whom I think you are,

I wish I could write a longer story,

Of how grateful I am,

For making you a part of my history,

And a significant part of now,

When ev’rything is still happening,

The future is not far ahead,

I pray you find a happy one.

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