The Seven

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Endless want, insatiable need, boundless hunger, unsatisfied cravings and more... The seven are power, the seven can easily manipulate and rule... can you overcome?

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The Seven

I am beauty, I am grace;
I move at matchless pace.
To those beneath me, I pay no mind;
They deserve to be left behind.

Boundless the pleasures I possess,
My hunger for more continues endless,
I taint both saint and sinner alike,
When you least expect it, I strike!
You cannot run or hide from me...
Insatiable as I you soon will be.

I watch on, an aggressive emotion roiling inside,
I watch you and seethe as you take your strides,
As you move on to bigger and better and leave
My dark heart wish you ceased to breathe.
You have what is mine, mine!
That should be me... it will in time.
In time...

The best for me, I must have more,
I look for room in my bursting store.
Like waves that lap on a worn out shore...
ceaseless... endless... constant... more...
I must have more!

Perhaps I should move today (I will not).
I’m sure you know this, I won’t be caught
Working and toiling for my daily bread,
I would really rather sleep instead.
Those things shall naturally come to me,
In dreams I shall see those realities.
I shall sit here and wait as I slouch away,
Every sunny, rainy and cloudy day.

When a feast is laid before me, I cannot look away.
If I am offered more, really, what can I say?
Of course, bring more, more I must have,
Do I need it? Of course not, I say...
Ah, but I shall have it.
And it shall be mine.
And I shall have more of it because I can...
I can have more than any man!

The darkness within lights up in flame,
Nothing, no nothing remains the same.
The fires will burn and sear and soar,
Ending in bitter and bloody gore.
Nothing suffices, nothing will sate,
For an impossible end, you will wait.
Destroy! Destroy! Cries the voice from inside.
You can all run, but none can hide...
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