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i know that one day everything will cease to exist

like a movie coming to an end

the sun will refuse to rise and our hearts won't be to the sound of a rhyme

or to the sound of a lie depending on who you are

we'll drift off into the calmest chaotic sleep

a permanent nightmare or the sweetest daydream

mid sentences and unfinished business will rest at our feet

as we wonder to ourselves how could time go by so quickly

not that long ago i was seventeen

now i'm counting down the days until my hair turns to gray

and then to white and then eventually it will be out of sight

because i've lost it all

they used to say my eyes were beautiful but now all i can see is the absence of light

now tell me how beautiful is that

things that were once so bright have dwindled away into fading shadows of the night

i can't see anything anymore

and eventually i won't even be able to hear my own thoughts

what i've loved, i've lost

what i've given, i've not yet received

who i was, i'll never be again

that's the thing with time

it knocks on your door when nobody is home

it gets to you when you're all alone

it takes advantage of you and your home and everything you've come to know

and then it takes it away

time isn't your friend

it's just a means to an end

your end, my end, the world's end

the simple truth is that you're here and then you're not

one day it will all be over

just like that

there's no luck here

not even when you find a four leaf clover

so grab all of your hopes and all of your wishes

and blow them away with a handful of kisses

there was a time before us and there will be a time after us

but it's not time that's important

it's what you do with it that makes all the difference

so don't waste it

savor it

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