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we know we won’t live forever

so we create something that we treasure

we know ours minds won’t always think the same

so we jot our thoughts down onto a page

to remind us of the good old days

were you the kind of person who danced in the rain

or that one person who could never stay in one place

did you daydream about jumping on a train and getting away

or did you spend your days ashamed, hiding in a cold corner, tucked away

did your days drift into weeks

how did you sleep

could you separate your wants from your needs

they say that writers have to bleed in order to succeed

so i pour my soul on this page for you to read

we create these things to keep the memories at bay

because our mind tries to take them away

who knew our minds could be thieves

taking away the good, the bad, and the ugly

we know we won't live forever

but the words we leave behind are something to remember

they can bring us together or tear us apart

but hasn't that always been the meaning of art?

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