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their song

she took a walk back to where they met

it looked different now

but it was the same address

back then everyone swore that she was a mess

but he looked at her like she was at her best

he talked about his family and his interests

she sat there listening quietly

he couldn't help but think she was unimpressed

but she had never met someone who could take her breath away

with every single word they say

and when it came time to say goodbye

those are the last words she wanted to hear that night

she didn't want him to go away

she wanted him to stay


flash forward a few years

they went from hanging out together

to buying a house together

time had passed

but they were stronger than ever before

they braved the hardest weather

and the worst storms

now they're expecting a baby in september

she couldn't want anything more

she's the happiest she's ever been

and she can't wait to tell her little daughter

remember when?

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