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there's this feeling i can never quite describe

i open my mouth

but what comes out doesn't sound right

it's colorful in my mind

but it's black and white in real life

it's a feeling of nostalgia mixed with homesickness

and a longing for what's to come

it's remembering yesterday

but not forgetting about today

because today is more important than yesterday

it's even more important than tomorrow

most people are either living in the past or worrying about their future

you rarely ever hear about the present

right now


this very moment

the present

people ask how your day was and that's usually where today ends

in a bed

eyes closed

thinking about tomorrow

you shut your light off and then you put things off until tomorrow

it so easily becomes a constant state of procrastination

later becomes eventually

and eventually becomes never

and never...

well you never see it coming

you never see anything coming

you tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow but what happens when tomorrow doesn't come

and the sun refuses to rise

you can lose more than your ambition

you can lose your life

which is why you should live in the moment

because the next one isn't guaranteed

life can go from golden to solemn in an instant

just because you plant a seed doesn't mean it's going to bloom or grow

so about this feeling that i can never quite describe

it isn't so much a feeling as it is life in general






and quite frankly even crying

no one can do this whole life thing right

but you have to at least try

there's a fine line between living and existing

one that the majority of us often cross

there's only one thing worse than dying that i can think of

and that's not having lived in the first place

so get out of the house

watch a sunset

make mistakes

eat some fancy overpriced food

spill some milk and let out a few tears

don't let the fear of tomorrow stop you from living today

your life is all you really have in this world

and it would be a shame of you to neglect it

so nurture it instead

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