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cameras capture memories

but my heart captures feelings

i wear my heart on my ripped sleeve

and i let people pull me like a string

my eyes relive these moments where my heart is completely broken

and i am frozen in time

what’s deep within my mind is like a golden token

but every time i speak i am misspoken

maybe i lack devotion and a captivating voice

or maybe this is the life i’m supposed to live without a choice

maybe I’m supposed to live a life without noise

without joy

without poise

without word

a senseless excuse for a life where i go unheard

like a hummingbird who’s forgotten how to sing

you see, i don’t want to be treated like a king

i don’t want the whole world to be silenced when i speak

i just want to be regarded as something

instead of being ignored like i am nothing

wearing your heart on your sleeve shouldn’t be a reason for people to undermine you

or make you feel weak

like you’re not good enough

because your heart connects the dots faster than your eyes and your brain

like you’re not good enough because you give your love and trust away

i thought that’s what made you a good person

expressing love

showing love

sharing love

being in love

but all hearts aren’t the same.

some beat at a faster pace

some are ridden of kindness and grace

some of them are so cold that they need a warm embrace

so yes i do where my heart on my sleeve

and yes there are hundreds of people who mistake me for being weak

but that’s only because their hearts haven’t felt what it’s like to skip a beat

they haven’t felt the blush you get in your cheeks when your lover says something sweet

they don’t know what it’s like to lose sleep over someone that you think about on repeat

they don’t understand what it’s like to be in love

to be in touch with someone else

to be one with someone else

to grow with someone else

i was just a small root before i met him

he watered my soul

and he gave me sunshine in the midst of darkness

he made me stand tall

he watched me bloom

and when it was over, i was someone new

maybe i am naïve for wearing my heart on my sleeve

and maybe showing love is the basis of the word slut

but why is it a bad thing to be in love

even if it’s just for the moment

i know not everything is golden

but if love isn’t, what the hell is

can you tell me this?

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