Fearing The Mafia

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Poetry / Romance
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Chapter 1

She was like a storm

Like to sea in fury he longed to claim

But she was a little kitten purring there too

He promised himself to break her

She promised herself too not to break

Like a bamboo she stood,bending but never breaking

Failing,he decided to claim her

And ended up falling in love,with the feisty sea

His feisty sea

She too,couldn’t help herself ,feeling the same


After the truth she discovered

She wasn’t so sure

Should she do what her mind said

Or follow her minds path

His mind was confused too

She betrayed him,but wasn’t that obvious ?

For all the wrong things he had done to her

For all the pain he had caused to her

Had he not deserved it?

But again,he thought she had loved him...

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