Oh, The Places You Went!

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Part II

And then you’d fall,
fall fast and hard.
All that falling left you
broken, alone, and scarred.

You learned life wasn’t that fair
and that people weren’t good,
so you fell into the Dark Place,
as some knew you would.

In that Dark Place,
many people you met
and things you said came to haunt you
and wish to forget.

The others down there
were as scared as you.
They had done nothing wrong,
and didn’t know what to do.

From that Dark Place,
your ran far away.
You ran fast and far,
when it was your day.

Oh, the places you went!

You ran from your past.
You ran from your health.
You ran from your fears,
and you ran from yourself.

You were young and afraid,
what else could you do?
But you ran from a future
and the safety you knew.

You learned some lessons
the hard way around.
And hoped someday you’d make it
home safe and sound.

They’d hold a party
because you were good
and didn’t die on the journey
as some thought you would.

You’d be the hero
you wanted to be.
You’d be the strong one,
and they’d all see!

Except they didn’t,
and some just wouldn’t.

You were brave and strong
and good and just,
but in a world
where wealth is a must,

and people are judged
by the color they are
and who they love
and the cost of their car,

you weren’t the one
to always be right
because you couldn’t be like them
all smart, pretty, and white.

You were who you were.
You just didn’t care
that they’d never accept you
here nor there.

So you went Far Away,
to find a new life;
you found one that didn’t
cause so much strife.

And you were almost happy,
but you did regret
all the things you remembered
and refuse to forget.

And back to the Dark Place
you went again,
and it was just as bad
as it had been back then.

But you were stronger
you fought your way out.
The scars you got there
you never talked about.

Oh, the places you went!

You made them so proud
and when the kids saw you
they’d come and say
“I want to be like you!”

“You’re so strong and brave!
You protect her and me!
From what goes bump in the night,
and what we can’t see!”

And you smile and you cry
because they don’t know
since you can lock up your demons
and your scars don’t show.

But one little girl comes up,
and she knows.
She’s seen your problems
your worries and woes.

She just says, “Mister,
I hope you know how important you are
Because you saved my life
and you’ve gone far.”

You look at this girl
you don’t even know
and, somehow, some way,
hope starts to grow.

Hope keeps you moving,
makes you go forwards.
It controls your demons
and locks them behind doors.

You had brains in your head
ten fingers, ten toes,
and you went
in the direction you chose.

You’ve got PTSD,
nine fingers, eight toes,
because you went everywhere
and anywhere you chose.

You made mistakes.
We’ve all made a few.
You faced your demons
and you faced you.

You changed for the better
when others changed for the worse
You never gave up
as your buddy left in a hearse.

You cried for days
but you went on
you weren’t afraid
your fears were long gone.

You figured it out,
when no one else would.
You went as far
as one man could.

And now that you’re old,
and you’ve said what you meant
tell us more
about the places you went.

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