1: The Great Rebellion

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Over, Across, and Beyond

The eschaton sands
The flatlands
The white

To come to
To adjust
To get onto their feet if they must

A send up to the heavens
Nobody died

But no way to breathe
No way to see
Agoraphobia is man's enemy

Yet their alive

Confusion sets in

A woman puts her hand
To her chest
And discovers that
It is not rising
Nor falling
She starts breaking down

There is no sound

There is no sun in the sky
Yet every thing's bright
There's just too much light
It's all white
The sand and the sky

They slowly regain their vision
To see an endless expanse

A message sent from one mind to another
So many differences overwhelm the others

What's happening
To everyone
To calm them all down

To think up a plan of action
That would make sense to most

The ones that fear
Can all stay here
As the others explore in every direction
In pairs

Over, across, and beyond

Nothing but a sea of
White sky and white sand
To be found
But a crown of their efforts
Came from the mind of
A very shy man

"It's just a simple wooden door
Found two kilometers North
A door that leads to nowhere
From what I could see"

"Then I guess that is it"
Someone had suggested
But the captain disagreed

"No, did you try to open the door"

"Why bother, it would show
That there'd be nothing on the
Other side"

"You do not know that
Then I shall try

Lead us the way"

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