1: The Great Rebellion

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Control Hatch Shudder

What we seek
What we need
Is just a single answer

Try to locate it in this
Inception of imagination

I'll finally free myself from this nightmare
Inside this turbid world
And I'll free anyone who wants to follow

I'll just follow my fate for now
And start searching

Capturing the saboteur
Is the top priority
Poisoned with false premonitions
Causes insanity

I don't know about you
But The Foundation will hunt them all down

Different ideas will
Change and secede

It will never break our cohesion

All of us are aware
Of what he will do
As much as it pains me
We will work with you

The search goes on
High and low
Along this varied
Wasteland of thought

I must muster my senses
To figure out
Where my goal shall be

We trek on
We are cohesive
Unlike the Free Will Society

So called individualists
They dare to call themselves
I'm afraid they'll fracture
Even further

They're all lazy idiots!
They believe in the hocus pocus
Of determinism

They simply cannot deal
With responsibilities
And the freedom that
Comes from within

The hatch was found
In the end of a cave
That seemed somehow
Out of place

Like it didn't seem to
Mix well with the rest
Of the world

It's time for us to finish this

All that is heard are the sounds of fighting.

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