1: The Great Rebellion

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I realize what I should be looking for
But it's not here
Destroy this place
For their release

Down we shall go

The Decider was destroyed
And the ones that it controlled
Are released from their mind prison
Yet they had a purpose
What now?

Stunned from falling from
The destruction
Of the combined thought-world
The saboteurs
Have already gone

The Foundation
And Free Will Society
Have realized
They must work
Together to stop them

The chase is on

Out in the flashing white desert
They run and drag on
Seemingly aimless
Their search is

What is not known
Is that the answer
Is a ways of escape
And he knows where to
Find it

Another hatch
Hidden by sand

Most follow

Others are told
To stay behind
To free the rest
For there are
Other Deciders

They plan on growing

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