Poetry: Symmetry & Reflections

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A collection of poems I've written over the years that chronicle personal events in my life while exploring themes such as human emotion, reflections on life, and spirituality among other things.

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Waiting On Some Miracle

I commend your kinds words and intentions

knowing all-in-all, you mean well

but the problem is not in fixing things

or hoping for things that may not be meant to be.

I don’t need pity, don’t need tears

or prayers out of common courtesy.

I have what is most important in life

and He will ultimately define me.

All else is secondary

or not important at all.

I’m made to be what I am

for some particular purpose.

I may not understand it all

but discovery is part of life

what will be will be

and in the end I am still me.

I can’t waste any time

waiting on some miracle

especially one that may never come.

I’ll work what hand I’m dealt

and if change comes, be as it may

but waiting is for some other day.

Irony is when I see other people

with better eyesight but blinder than me

wandering so aimlessly

it is I who pity them.

So I'll not waste my time, waste my life

trying to force lines in my life to rhyme.

Can’t look back at what-if’s

only take what is,

just enjoy this ride

and leave the rest up to Him.

Will I struggle? -definitely

Will it be easy? - not at all

Will I give up? - not a chance

Will there be victory? - some

Can I find contentment? - always

Will time only tell? - yes

Is it worth it? - every bit

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