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JUST FEW FEELINGS Some feelings which will touch your heart if it not touched then also its ok

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The moment had arrived

As it would have eventually come

It arrived without a knock on the front door of his heart

It arrived without a notification or messenger

It arrived so suddenly that he could not fathom its changes

But it arrived.... The moment had arrived....

It arrived screaming to emerge from his heart and soul

Brining along the subtle changes in his heart

Taking him by surprise completely

As far as he remember, it was just yesterday

When he shined in his ego and arrogance

While today brought the restlessness

The fear and the possible separation

Fate had finally arrived at his door step

Making him realise her importance

And value of her in his life

Realization that he is nothing without her

His life did not exist without her

How much he missed her

How much he craved for her

Only he knew how he felt alone and helpless without her

But was this realization enough?

Was this understanding enough?

Unfortunately its not enough

Because the moment had arrived

For him to feel the pain

The pain that he bestowed upon her

The pain that her innocence self all suffered all these years

His tantrums and her silence

His humiliation and her love

His anger and her submissiveness

His rejection and her acceptance

It was all his ego came in front of her selfless love

It was always his arrogance in front of her humble silence

And so today the moment had arrived

For him to suffer silently in the repentance of his deeds

Finally the moment had arrived.....

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