Between the Pages

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I visit that room again

It was locked for how long I can’t counts

the key was kept safe in a hidden place

Only I knew it’s whereabouts

The gifts from you are still the same

Just some dusts are on the surface

But I know lack of maintenance is to blame

I will take care of them now on

They will never lose their glow again

I’ll drop by here whenever I’ll feel alone

The gifts are very precious to me

The heartfelt smile of yours, the love for me in your eyes,

I still can see

The long hours talking, the first love-fight

The act of stealing glances now and then

The night walk under the moonlight side by side

You are no longer here

You left me broken in a unbearable pain

I was angry, You made me alone and that was not fair

My heart still hold on to your memory, as your gifts

I know you’re in a good place now

You’re in peace

I had to let you go with a grieving heart

But I forgot you’re still alive in my memories

And I’ll never let them go now till death do us apart.

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