Rhyming Stories

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Poems your heart will cradle.

Robert R Sytnick
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Dance me to Love

Touch me like a diamond; hold me against your heart. Dance me till the end of time. Romance me in your arms as if I were your pillow, for only you to find.

Dance me around your memory, like we danced a thousand years ago. Kiss my eyes, hold me like time and never let me go.

Waltz me around the world to a lonely guitar. Dance me through clouds as rainbows form from afar.

Breathe me into your body and let the moon begin to glow, like it that thousand years ago.

Touch me with your naked magic and dance me down the Milkyway. Dance me around the Heavens where Angels live and pray.

Dance me across the glow of the moon to the weeping guitar. Dance my heart till we join, to touch a falling star. Dance me till the end of time.

Share me among the stars, and let me into your heart as a choir of Angels sing from above. Dance me in stardust, dance me to love.

Dance me into your heart, like we did that thousand years ago. ***Just a sample,,,,go to Amazon for the book 'Rhyming Stories',,,and 'After Midnight',,,and 'Echoes of my Past.' ***

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