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Rainbows and Children

The screaming class of grades one’s to three. Climbed in my Star Ship and flew off with me. We powered up and circled the Earth for them to see.

We followed the equator for a time. Just to see if it was still in line. We zoomed and zipped along, looking for a sign. Till this magic line, we did find. A universal line, set by mankind.

We raced and broke through to a sonic boom. Throttled back to resume. Now, we cruise in a constant zoom.

Hovered the Star Ship above a cloud. Had lunch on a Comet with the rest of the crowd.

I gathered up my young crew, and off we flew. Up, Up, away into the sky, all coloured in blue.

We docked this vessel at the top of Rainbow Lane. Joined our hands in a human chain. Slid down this Grey Rainbow, again and again, just to play.

From the Star Ship, we took our brushes and buckets of paint.

We brushed this magic wonder with sparkling colours ever so faint.

Brighter and brighter the colours became. We painted this rainbow again and again.

The grades of one’s to three worked together without complaint.

The Angels came down from the Heavens to grant these grades of one’s to three, 'The Honor of Young Saints'.

Now forever locked in time. All Rainbows are coloured only in this way.

And children are still touched by Angels and Saints, till this day.

Now all the Children of the World look up and point to the skies and say,

God himself granted us this ‘Right to Pray.’

Because of children, coloured Rainbows are here to stay.

And the Angels guard all the pretty colours, and keep mankind away.

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