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Orange Crush

We spun an orange crush bottle under a watching street light. We flew a Lear from De Moines that warm Valentine's night.

A love still growing to make our world seem so right. A flower I gave you to match your beauty that night.

Hand in hand we walked the sands of another land. We sang and danced with their nation's band.

Magic moments, as we sipped Pina Coladas in the bars. Our melting hearts would caress the night and lusting stars.

Calling like a voice the ocean would command. As we built our castle just made from sand.

Fingertips drew hearts of love where we lay and stand. Our footprints of a love story we leave on the land.

Gone that yesterday, but the love is still strong. Let's re-spin the orange crush bottle for it cannot be wrong.

Let's romance the sands of another land. A flower I will give to match your band. All I ask for is your hand.

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