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The Master

The greying night is slowly slid aside by the relentless coming of dawn.

A glimpse of a new mother can be seen in the distance nursing her newborn fawn.

The grasses cling to their morning dew,

The air is crisp, all tastes are new.

As footsteps of a Master sound through.

The silver waters of the Assiniboine will keep this Master true.

The silky line from the reel expels into the silent air.

It cuts like a knife, as six-pound test line is the dare.

The shivering waters have succumbed and for now, can only stare.

The graceful release of the silk line is called to the depths and sinks blind.

The magic touch of the Master knows this hook will be the find.

The jealous current cannot be contained,

As it lets the hook slip and slide on the rocky bottom again and again.

Within the school of golden walleye, a scout is sent ahead,

It circles and brushes against the new found bait on the river bed.

The Master’s hand is in control as more line is slowly fed.

The morning sun rises to cast her naked shadows on the water’s edge,

The new dew is wiped away as Mother Nature keeps her daily pledge.

A King Walleye marks the tempting bait from a rocky ledge.

Its wisdom and cunning is beyond compare,

The taunting bait is his alone as the clan of walleye back away and can only stare.

The Master can sense that his catch will soon be there,

He grips his faithful rod tighter and tighter as a calming westerly soothes the nervous air.

The suspicious Walleye circles round and round,

And now the scent of this meal it has found.

He strikes at the bait for just a taste,

His instincts are lost as its minds begins to race,

It swallows the bait and backs away not knowing its fate.

Two masters at work but only one in control,

The King Walleye has lost with nowhere to go.

And soon the Master will have this trophy, a King of Walleyes to show.

The six-pound test is stretched beyond its load,

The cunning Walleye fights the Master and now its blood turns cold.

The faithful rod is bending to the pull,

As the great Walleye tries to gain back its control.

The struggle between the two masters is taking its toll.

As now the King of Walleyes gives up its soul.

The great Walleye is reeled to the shore,

The fight is over as it has no more.

The Master goes down to the water’s edge with his waiting net,

The defeated Walleye knows his match was met.

Now fate will take its course and intervene, an act of kindness which is rarely seen.

The clinging hook is released, and the Master tips his hat to what has been.

The Great Walleye sinks into the waters, sheds a tear, which the Master has seen.

And Mother Nature now stretches her hand and wipes this day clean.

Another dawn will replace the coming night and write another scene . . .

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