Rhyming Stories

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She was new to my life and inspired my thoughts,

I wrote the words, crossed the T’s, and placed all the dots.

Serena took me from a world of isolation,

And in her touch, gave me a new salvation.

She leaned over and placed her hand on mine,

With a voice so gentle and a smile to out last time,

The manner in which she spoke, Serena intrigued my mind.

She cast her spell, and I was entranced,

like a story book rhyme.

Serena with her magic blush,

touched me like a canvas, creating a rush.

And now I lay here in a silent hush,

as she paints me into a wanting lust.

The more Serena paints with her magic brush,

the deeper we fall and now our wants are a must.

Like the moon recalling her oceans of tides,

I walk alone as cold chill sweeps from deep inside.

I lost the love that touched my soul, and painted dreams into my mind,

Embedded in my heart, Serena, a lady that I once called mine.

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