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The Sara Rose

The Sara Rose, a Queen on the sea,

In that year of Eighteen and fifty-three.

And a story that turned to love, finding me.

We boarded our ship in that year,

To a new world of promise and hope, without fear.

The Captain with his mighty roar, and fearless crews.

Kept us on course on the painted seas of cloudy greys and subtle blues.

Our thoughts did inspire. Our touch, I always will admire. And our passion gave us a constant desire.

Our friendships were endless. Our deeds were fearless. And our love became timeless.

The ships bell that rang into the night’s air,

and the call from the crows-nest of icebergs to beware.

The fearless little mouse that roamed the boarded decks at night.

And at times, caused a stir and some a fright.

And scurried to its home in the wall, when the night gave way and began it’s call.

From so far away and now so long ago,

like time we must all let go.

As our memories etched deep within our soul.

The wedding rings we wore are now in a bottle in the sea.

And to eternity will sail and always be free.

The four winds that gave the sails their grace,

And moved the ship at a steady pace.

As the winds of time aged this once, youthful face.

Timeless seas that give into restless tides.

And endless horizons where the sun sets, and hides.

And time, will soon out live us all,

but the smells and sounds of the sea will always call.

And the Heaven’s will gracefully open and star will fall.

And the whispers of the weeping violin will continually echo down its beck and call.

The blushing moon sent down its light in beams.And the love I found, that lives in my dreams.

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