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Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

I will always remember that month of September. When our love for each other was less than tender.

And our hearts were on the verge of total surrender, To start a new life on our own, no longer playing the part of the pretender.

I recall the day we wed that forty-plus years ago. Our wedding bands we gave each other, now worn out like one’s soul.

We vowed, that forty-plus years ago, to never surrender. This faded love we have dims like a dying ember.

Now lost to time, this love that once had a cherished splendour.

Like strangers, we pass in the hallway at night, Thinking that our love and life is still right. But each dreams alone till the coming morning light.

The sadness must come to an end, and let’s not continue to pretend.

The wedding band which held a heart of gold, now gone cold, knows we are at an end.

Let’s forget this cold September for I do not want to remember.

The wedding band you gave me no longer holds your splendour.

As Christmas no longer comes in December.

Now another September has come and gone. And still, the band of gold holds this bond. We still pass in the hallway as life moves on.

I heard it said that Christmas still comes in December. Our saddened hearts wish to reignite this dying ember.

Like magic in the hallway that Christmas eve. A kiss to stop time and now we both believe.

Our golden bands we wore for that forty-plus years Now touch each other, without fears as these magic bands cause new tears.

Many Septembers have come and gone. Now time has taken her and I can not go on. And how our golden bands held this bond, The promise I made her, for I don’t have long.

Our wedding bands made of gold and given from our soul That sixty-plus years ago.

As promised I melt our bands of gold together, Poured in a mould to live forever.

In a shape of a heart, I pour our melted gold And now I stamp our sacred words, on this our mould.

The rest of the promise I made to you, I shall keep.

Into the darkness, I carry our moulded heart, for I am quiet allowing the forest to sleep.

Memories etched in my mind and now stamped on our moulded heart, cause me to weep.

Now I am in a place where no one can see. I dig down beneath this Great Oak Tree.

A place, sacred for you.

A place, sacred for me.

The place, the first kiss you gave to me.

A picture of you,

A picture of me.

I place under this Great Oak Tree.

And wrapped in ribbons and love holding this precious memory.

And the words I stamped on this our mould of gold. Will never be told.

And the bands of gold melted into this mould, Now forever our ‘Heart of Gold.’

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