Rhyming Stories

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The lonely night has come to take its place in time. Puddles gather in this grieving heart, and tears wet my mind.

Uncontrolled dreams of you I still find. Burning memories of love that was true, now, are so unkind.

The scent of your perfume lingers in my mind. The pillow you dreamt on, I now claim as mine. Come back, you were taken from life in your prime.

The Angels drop tears on your flowerbed each day. And hold their halos over their hearts as they pray.

The great oak you planted in the back yard one May. Will never again lose a leaf to the seasons, so they say.

The Heavens open as the skies turns blue. And a choir of doves gather each sunset to sing, just for you.

Rainbows gather their clouds of tears, releasing them downward in the form of morning dew. Even the restless Northern wind gives silence to you.

A mistake God made that cold October day to turn my world the colour grey. Now I dream of you as I lay here, blowing smoke rings in the dark. The tears fill my mind as I pray, the puddles that pooled in my heart, are here to stay.

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