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Words strung together to keep the heart awake. Maybe this one day will be a means of relieve from what I have done,which cannot be told. If I influence anyone of you to do anything wrong,I am requesting you to not do the wrong.

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Zam Zam water

I was blessed with a disease.
From a very long time.
It made me all red ,puffy and itchy
It was the infamous allergy

I tell you how severe it was.
To the point
That I was not humorously told
No more beef or hilsa or prawn
Could be be tasted by my tongue

So I live without what I was told
Not to let my little soul
Taste a bit of lasagna
For it would considered my life’s foul

Now recently I have one of my eyes
Red to the point it looked like it,
Continuously cries.
Of course it doesn’t end there

Right below my eyeball
Was a mischievous looking dot
To say that I was worried
Is rather a piece of understatement.

I was terrified
Petrified by what
Could be possibly go wrong from here.

So I took a bit of Zam Zam water.
The most beautiful water ever existing.
Recited Ya Noori
Then put some Zam Zam water in

It has been a few days now
I just came from outside.
Recited Ya Noori,
Astagfirulloh and Darud Sharif
Not to forget La Haula wala qu wata Illah billah in the Zam Zam water.

Now I sit after a while
Of putting Zam zam water in my eyes
Looking like a normal person
With my red eyes almost invisible.

Alhamduliah to my Ilaha
The one who cured my itchy eyes.
For it was Allah who willed
The Zam zam water to remove
My puffy red eyes.

Everything happens by your will Allah
So please do not let anyone
Suffer this itchy eyes.
And cure those who’s eyes continuously cries.


The following poem is what happened today as in the day I wrote this poem.

I suffer from allergy and its pretty severe.

I cannot eat foods that are said to increase allergy.

Recently one of my eyes is really red and I suspect its from my allergy.

I know its not eye discharge because I have been using this medicine for eye discharge for a while which is putting warm water with salt in the eye.

Plus I don’t have the abnormal rate of you know eye discharge from my eyes that is said to happen when a person suffers from eye discharge.

So Zam zam water is well I have no right to say what it is as I lack the sufficient amount of knowledge about it and I do not want to tell something that I am not having enough knowledge about.

And its best if a Muslim scholar (Mufti,Alem) explains about Zam zam water I just don’t want to risk saying or writing any wrong information.

So as I started putting Zam zam water ,my eyes started getting better Alhamdulillah.

Now my eyes Alhamdulillah is almost back to normal and guess what I just put Zam zam for I think four to five days in my eyes.

Every praise is to Allah.

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