Roses Are Red Violets.

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These are some poems that I wrote, they are on wattpad also.Some of them I don't like, but I thought they are the right to be here, because they are good poems.They are just kind of odd.

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Done Dead Gone

Roses are red, violets are blue

when I dream of you

all I see is red and blood

around your eyes were full of crud

your scalp was stuck to your face which was all blue,

and you were lying down covered in blood and mud.

There was a dirty rusty knife, and it was stuck to you like glue

that is why I am reminded of Red and Blue

because the roses and violets covered you.

With bruises and scars that still bled

and a hole in you had on the side of your head

I remembered something you had said

while you bled and bled and bled.

you had said “If you stop I won’t forget to read that book you read,

and I”ll stop bringing up the things you’ve said.

But if you continue you must know this:

every first kiss always has an evil twist.

And after that evil twist you will have wished that you never asked for that first kiss

because after I’m missed

they will look for who had stolen the first kiss

and will eventually add you to the missing persons list

and trust me this, you will never be missed.”

once you were done dead gone,

i suddenly remembered how we had always got along

and I had suddenly forgotten our little song, as you lay in the sun all day and night long.

but you were wrong

you see, I was never caught;

because the story of you I’ve told the cops they bought and bought and bought.

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