A Grim Blossoming

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A poem written at 3 AM by a depressed, exhausted teenager. Take a peek into the inner workings of my mind.

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A Grim Blossoming

Crying to me, these voices in pain,
With malice, I listen in vain.
Rust drips off these forgotten memories.
The sweet smell of those distant cherry trees
Those pale petals clinging to their limb,
Their vivid pink center is rather grim.
How I yearn for those pink blossoms,
Beneath them, lurk ugly possums.
I cherish these beasts for their dreams of glee,
But I know they'll never remember me.
A smile; spreading your crooked teeth,
Feeling your skin bubble and seethe.
Your lust for me, declared undying,
Alas! Mortals cannot cease their lying.
You weep and smell and breathe and see,
And yet you'll never lay your eyes on me.
My commodious heart, a keen seductress,
Leading me on like a cruel conductress.
Those petals so clear and frighteningly pink,
And, to see them, all I have to do is blink.

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