Sliver of Hope

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A poetry book whose purpose is to spread awareness of mental health. May occasionally deal with mature themes, such as self-harm or suicide, so be warned. Click at your own risk. **Trigger Warning** This poetry collection will deal with mature themes, such as mental health. If anyone's suffering in silence, there's always the suicide hotline to call: 1-800-273-8255 Disclaimer: I am not a professional nor do I claim to be one. I'm just someone who supports mental health. My only hope is that these poems will help you.

Poetry / Drama
Jared Nera
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A Dangerous Object

The knife’s voice
Pierces through your skull
With the sole purpose of whispering
Orders to slash your skin.

You try to resist,
But the knife conjures
Images of blood
Dripping all over your body.

It tells you
To do it once,
And when you obey,
It quickly turns to a thousand times.

When it becomes a habit,
You’re so absorbed in this activity
That you think the knife
Is your only friend.

Whenever you think about stopping,
You’re tricked into thinking
You’re solving your problems
When it’s only making them worse.

You think it’s impossible to resist
This object’s compulsion,
But what if I told
You there is a way?

You are not alone,
For there are many like you
Walking down the same road
As they fight the same war.

There are people who won this war.
They must’ve been doing this
Self-destructive activity for years,
Only to realize their life’s worth.

Consider those people proof
That things can get better,
For hope continuously burns
As long as you breathe.

The next time you pick up the knife,
Think about all the positives
In your life before
You run it against your skin.

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