The Burning Sensation

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Imagine yourself at the beach. While you're sitting, you are staring at the sun that's about to set below the horizon. All of a sudden, an arm is wrapped around your shoulders. You realize it's coming from the object of your desire. Because of it, your attention shifts away from the sunset in favor of this person. You've always dreamed to be with this special someone, and now you have the chance to lay the foundations to a future together. Wherever you go from there depends on what you do now. Will you get your happy ending or will it be ripped before your eyes?

Poetry / Romance
Jared Nera
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There is nothing but dry soil
And trees burnt to a crisp around me
Up until a blinding, white light,
Surrounded by shiny stars
Heads to my direction.

I take a leap and dive right into it,
Causing me to scream in pain
As I get consumed,
Leaving not a single trace of me behind.

Before I know it, I wake up
In a grassy field densely filled
With flowers, bees, trees, and birds
That circle all over the place.

Right above me lies
A black-haired, olive-skin woman
Who stares at me with a sweet smile.

I remain on the ground up until
She pulls me up,
And to my ear, she whispers,
“You came to the right place.”

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