The Burning Sensation

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You have this power to utilize
This instrument that resides
Within your throat.
It’s capable of leaving everyone
Subdued by its power.

Countless situations you could name,
But there’s one that’s so significant
That it’s worth receiving the spotlight
Because this instrument
Holds the most power there.

In this situation,
You are presented with someone
You want to bend to your will
Just so they become your toy.

It’s a he or a her
Depending on your preferences,
But the feelings you have
For them is all the same.

When you have them under
Your grasp, you say
The very words that puts
Them under your sway.

Three words you say,
Enough to give them a dose
Of you that they instantly
Become addicted to you.

Should they spend even a split-second
Without you, they’ll immediately
Go through withdrawal, so they’ll
Do whatever it takes to be with you.

You’ll realize this in no time,
And for each time they consider
Leaving your side,
You’ll use this instrument on them.

Every minute they spend
Thinking you’re the only one
They can be with you is another
You strip them of their identity
Until they become an extension of your will.

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