The Burning Sensation

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Layers of Love

A word I still
Have so much difficulty
Defining even after
All the poems
I wrote on
The very subject.

That’s merely due
To it containing
Countless definitions,
Each of which
Are correct,
And it’s up
To us to choose
The one that suits us.

That means
Love can be anything,
The type of which
Is part of a spectrum,
A complex one
Where it’s arranged
From pure to impure.

Don’t you see?
Love isn’t as simple
As you were raised
To believe,
For it’s a lot
More complex,
And even the most
Multifaceted study
Scratches the surface.

No description can
Fully define love,
For the only way
To truly understand
It is to feel it,
Especially every
Shade of it.

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