Daddy Issues

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A series of poems about divorce and the aftermath faced by the child I never expected divorce to be easy. I can't imagine what it's like for my mother who has to continue to battle my father, but we're surviving and we'll continue to survive.

Poetry / Drama
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The Day Dad Died I

I had a dream.

My foundations collapsed;

An unfortunate car accident.

My father no more.

I had a dream.

A bad omen that lingered

It’s presence unwelcome

But it served as a warning.

I had a dream.

The reality much worse.

Two swans broken apart

By a raven.

I had a dream.

My father is still with me,

But he’s less my father

More of a traitor.

I had a dream.

His heart still beats,

But not for his swan

And never for me.

I had a dream.

I’m left alone

Everyone’s too far gone.

I can’t reach them.

I had a dream.

I’m the anchor.

I weigh them down.

But they’re not near me.

I had a dream

On the day dad died.

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