Inner Flame

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Do you feel it inside your chest? That sensation waiting to spew to the surface? The very thing that you can't put out? If you answered yes, and you're looking for an antidote, look no look no further Do you feel it? Do you feel it inside your chest? That sensation waiting to spew to the surface? The very thing that you can't put out? If you answered yes, and you're looking for an antidote, look no further. An antidote isn't what you need. What you need is to let this flame grow.

Poetry / Drama
Jared Nera
Age Rating:

Troubled Writer

A poet filled with emotion
Doubts he can find the correct words
To carve beautiful pieces
To touch everyone’s hearts.

Why does he feel this way?
What’s a matter with him?
He questions his worth every day
Because he’s not a trending poet.

The problem is his attitude.
He is too obsessed with the fame
That most of his works are cringeworthy,
While a minority deserves praise.

This poem is dedicated to him.
He doesn’t realize the power
He can tap into if he were to focus
On the darkest regions of his heart.

I am his greatest critic,
Even knows his every thoughts
Before they’re placed on paper
Because we are the same person.

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